Why us?

Why choose us when buying a refurbished iPhone?

We have been here since the early days of the Apple iPod, initially specialising in repairs and quickly branching out into the sales of refurbished iPhones.

We are reputable refurb specialists working transparently with insurance firms, telecom companies and a number of public health sectors, ensuring our workmanship conforms to industry standards.

Our mission is to reduce the number of electronic devices that may end up as landfill, refurbishing end-of-life Apple products and selling at a fraction of the cost of new.

All this means, you, get a much better deal while helping the environment.

How do we refurbish?

We do not just sell refurbished iPhones, we lovingly restore them so that they can continue to be used for many more years. We spend time and effort rebuilding, cleaning, replacing parts and testing ensuring you receive the very highest quality refurbished Apple product. Why spend money on a half-finished product?

  • Testing: Upon receiving used iPhones we carefully test each device and battery. If any parts are faulty, we replace with brand new replacements. We repeat the test process to ensure the device is fully functional.
  • Cleaning: We clean using an anti-bacterial solution, removing every last part of dust, dirt and grime that may have been built up in the hardest to reach places. No one wants to buy a phone that still has remnants of its past life.
  • Grading: To help the environment, we reduce the amount of waste generated from refurbishing iPhones by leaving the external housings in place. Sometimes the external housing may be too damaged to use, so in this instance, we replace. If not, we simply grade the overall cosmetic condition of the device with the used housing in place. This helps the environment and helps your pocket too! We grade our refurbished devices as Grade A, B, C. You can learn more about our grading here.
  • Battery Testing: We run a full 24-hour battery test to ensure good battery capacity. We use a tried and tested method, which ensures at least 85% of the stated manufacturer’s battery time is met. If not, we replace the battery and test again. Unlike our competitors, we guarantee our battery for 6 months.


We have been repairing and selling Apple products for over 15 years and employ only dedicated Apple experts. We are masters of our trade. We go that extra mile to give you the very best service. We believe in word of mouth and honest reviews. We want you to feel that you have had the very best service any company can offer. Why not head over to our testimonials page and see what our previous customers think of us?


If you change your mind and feel an Apple product is not quite for you, send it back to us within 14 days from you receiving and we’ll fully refund you, no questions asked!


Accidents happen, which is why we offer accidental screen damage cover for much less than a standard repair price. If you accidentally smash, crack or break your iPhone screen, send your handset back to us and we will complete a screen repair in rapid time and send back to you at no extra cost. Simply select how much cover you want when purchasing your iPhone. We’ve got you covered.


Unlike our competitors, we test the batteries in our refurb iPhones. We ensure all batteries last a reasonable amount of time so you will not be left reaching for the charger halfway through your day! We use a tried and tested battery test lasting 24 hours to ensure at least the battery lasts 85% of suggested manufacturer’s times. If not, we replace! We even guarantee the battery for 6 months!


Not confident making purchases via the internet, especially when buying high value refurbished iPhones? Let us put your mind at ease. Our website and checkout are fully secure using the very latest digital encryption methods.

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