Getting the most from your battery

Poor iPhone battery life?

If you are experiencing poor battery life after purchasing a refurbished device, please read our handy battery life guide. This may help you!

Make sure you charge your unit up to 100% using a genuine Apple wall plug. (When units are charged via computers, in-car chargers etc charging time will be longer as amperage is much lower this way.)

Remember, when a battery enters a lower percentage (i.e. 25%) it can still last a further 1-2 hours.

It is possible that software can cause a battery to drain rapidly. Sometimes a rouge ‘app’ can cause issues. Try backing up your data and then wiping the phone completely by carrying out a Factory Reset.

Getting the most from your battery.

  • Turn down your display brightness.
  • Check your memory allowance and delete any unwanted apps and data.
  • Update your settings. The newer settings are designed to further optimise your battery life. (this is not the case on older models of iPhone i.e. 4/4S and in fact can affect the drain on these units)
  • Ensure Wi-Fi Assist is turned off. This can be found in the settings menu at the bottom of mobile data page (iOS update dependant)
  • Turn off mobile date (3G/ 4G) settings when in Wi-Fi zones. Connecting to Wi-Fi drains less battery than connecting to your data network. Just remember to turn Wi-Fi off again when you leave a Wi-Fi hotspot. If your phone is continually searching for a connection this will drain more power.
  • Keep an eye on your network coverage. If you are in a low/ poor signal area then your phone will be working harder to connect thus draining the battery.
  • You can check what is draining your battery the most by viewing battery usage in settings.
  • Make sure you close your apps down fully. You can do this by double-clicking your home button and swiping the screens away. Until you have done this your apps will still be running continuously in the background.
  • Turn off Bluetooth, Location settings and Background App Refresh.
  • If you do not need to access your emails continually then set them so they only update every 30minutes or longer. 
  • If you really want to preserve battery life then switch your phone to Airplane mode. Please note you will not be able to make/ receive calls when in this mode.

Want to learn more about maximising your iPhone battery life? Visit Apple’s support page.

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